The best Christmas gift!

In my nearly 22 years living in Palmerston St Newstead this is only the second time I have seen an Eastern Bearded Dragon here. This specimen is about half the size of the one I saw here about 5 years ago. On both occasions the animal stood its ground, flattened its body, raised its frill, and opened its mouth hoping to scare me off. I retreated to the house to get my camera and was glad it had not moved from the Fan Flower so I could get a few shots.

Eastern Bearded Dragon on Scaevola with mouth open 27 Dec 2017

Eastern Bearded Dragon Pogona barbata showing that it eats Fan Flower Scaevola humilis as well as small animals. Photographed by Frances Cincotta.

Eastern Bearded Dragon side on with hose and Scaevola at Newstead 27 Dec 2017

Eastern Bearded Dragon at Newstead Natives Nursery 27 Dec 2017.

Has anyone else seen this species in our district?

12 responses to “The best Christmas gift!

  1. Congratulations Cisco ,where can we get one too .Best wishes and much love Beth n Ric

  2. Hi Francis, great photos. I came across one in Carr’s Road just off White Gum Road in October or November. It had a bright yellow neck. Geraldine

  3. Thank you so much for all your marvellous pics I am visually impaired, so your photos help me see more than i could with my wonky eyes Happy new year

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  4. Great find Geoff, thanks for sharing.

  5. It certainly looks like it means business. Great pic Geoff.

  6. Hi Francis, about 25 years ago I saw one on our property at Glenhope (east of Redesdale), lying vertically up the gate post (nearly put my hand on it when I went to open the gate – not sure who got the bigger shock – it or me!) and hadnt seen another since till last week, travelling with a Wimmera friend through the southern part of the Little Desert, we very nearly ran over one but just stopped in time. It stared at us witheringly but didnt move till Win touched its tail gently with a stick when it shot off the track into some nearby cover.

  7. Annmaree Smerdon

    Wow oh wow!

  8. Patrick Kavanagh

    Very impressive, Frances!

  9. Yeah, up here in Walmer it is not unusual to see em getting about their business. What is of interest is haven’t seen any snakes this year.

  10. Beautiful photos Frances.
    A rare occurrence. We have not seen one since we left Muckleford.

  11. Fantastic! I do like Bearded Dragons. We had one here at Welshmans Reef many years ago. Haven’t seen one since sadly.

  12. I’ve seen lizards about 6/7 inches long(old measure) running very fast on longish legs, but not had time to get a close look. It’s a magnificent photo. well done!

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