Greenhouse as habitat

Sometimes in my native nursery at Newstead the plants provide habitat before they even leave the greenhouse! This morning I found a 4cm long, smooth frog. Looking in Chris Tzaros’ ‘Wildlife of the Box-Ironbark Country’ I think it is Southern Brown Tree Frog, but am happy to be corrected.  The inner thighs are orangey in colour and eyes have slits not a crosses. I am more certain of the plant id: Montia australasica (White Purslane).little frog in pot of Montia australasica - White Purslane, 11 Oct 2017

3 responses to “Greenhouse as habitat

  1. This certainly looks like the Southern Brown tree frog, Frances. You can almost see the dark stripe from his nose along past his eye. Have you heard his call? It should be 5 to 15 rapid pulsing notes, with the longest first: Creeeeeeee, creeee, creeee, creee… according to my frog book and my memory!

  2. Geraldine Harris

    Not sure, but looks like a Perron’s Tree Frog – they have tiny spots on their fawn coloured skin which when looked at closely are greenish and you can almost make out the suction pads on it’s long toes in your photo. The eye has a distinct cross through it if you have any photos showing the eyes.

  3. carolbarker2014

    That’s either a tiny frog or you have a giant finger Frances!

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