Holding the fort

Subscribers to Natural Newstead blog must be wondering what’s happening in the bird world while Geoff Park is away. Well at my place in Palmerston Street I’m thrilled to be watching a Red Wattlebird sitting on the nest only 2m off the ground, in a Feathery Hop-bush. The nesting bird flies up to the Yellow Box tree above when I get too close, so here is a quick shot of the nest and now I will leave it in peace. Red Wattlebirds have been a constant presence in my garden, but this is the first time in my 22 years in Newstead that I’ve had the privilege of seeing them build a nest, line it, and sit in it.Red Wattlebird eggs in nest in Dodonaea sinuolata 9 Oct 2017

6 responses to “Holding the fort

  1. Carole Moschetti

    What a treat

  2. Patrick Kavanagh

    Congratulations Frances and great to see that they are nesting in an appropriately named shrub!

  3. How beautiful sue woodend

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Annmaree Smerdon nee McBain

    Thanks Francis and wow what a chance to see that nest.
    Have been missing my touch of Newstead over here.

  5. Pretty awesome picture Frances. See what your plants can create for nature.

  6. Thanks Franky for keeping the flag flying. I love you’re pics and sharing.

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