Rotunda Park #8

It’s been some time since I’ve wandered across to Rotunda Park – one of the best birding spots in the district.

A flock of White-browed Babblers allowed me to enjoy extremely close-up views, while the Common Bronzewings were taking advantage of some scattered seed.

White-browed babbler, Rotunda Park, 10th September 2017



Male Common Bronzewing



Female Common Bronzewing


3 responses to “Rotunda Park #8

  1. Thanks for your blog on the Common Bronzewing. They are frequent visitors to my place in the Muckleford Forest. However a few days ago I had a welcome but fleeting visitor to one of my birdbaths, too fleeting to get a picture. I think it was a male Brush Bronzewing with distinctive cinnamon colouring including on the crown. Could I be mistaken or did I witness a rare sighting of this beautiful bird?

  2. Hi Carol
    It’s not out of the question although I’ve never seen one close to newstead. Would love to hear if you see it again.

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