Long time, no see!

I was delighted yesterday to come an absent friend … the Southern Whiteface – a pair at the Newstead Cemetery in the company of Superb Fairy-wrens and Yellow-rumped Thornbills.

A charming woodland species, the Southern Whiteface has declined in the Newstead district and it’s two years since I last observed one – near where Muckleford Creek joins the Loddon River. It often mingles with thornbills and wrens, feeding almost exclusively on the ground. The white tufts either side of the bill are a distinguishing feature. I’m hoping for a comeback!

Male Superb Fairy-wren, Newstead Cemetery, 9th September 2017

Southern Whiteface




4 responses to “Long time, no see!

  1. Beautiful shots! The first one is my favorite. 🙂

  2. Have always thought that Whitefaces are rather punk-looking with that hairdo! (except from side on views.) Nice to see them back. And that Blue Wren looks rather angry *at the risk of sounding anthropomorphic* 😉

  3. Wonderful portraits of the Whiteface. Enjoy so much being able to see them in such clear detail.

  4. What a charmer!

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