Zebras on the plains

These tiny finches probably escape the attention of most visitors to the plains.

Small flocks of Zebra Finches can be encountered at any time of year and as they are quite mobile you can see them at a number of sites with suitable habitat.

They spend much of their time feeding on seeds on the ground but like to have cover, patches of Tree Violet are especially favoured, to retreat into when disturbed. The sexes are different, the males are more strongly marked and coloured – with an orange cheek patch, fine barring on the neck above a black breast patch and finely spotted rufous flanks. Both male and female have a bright orange bill. These birds were spotted near Picnic Point, part of a flock of approximately 25.

Zebra Finches, Picnic Point, 1st August 2017

A pair cosying up – male at left

A delightful find on a winter afternoon!

3 responses to “Zebras on the plains

  1. They are so pretty with their lovely colours to brighten winter. Thanks Geoff.

  2. Patrick Kavanagh

    Such beautiful birds and lovely to see. We came across a little party near there yesterday

  3. Didn’t realise we had them down here! I loved to hear their funny noise in Alice and out west at Ntaria.

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