At the silos #3

This ‘pair’ of Black-shouldered Kites were another highlight of my visits to the Moolort silos during the week.

There were actually three birds in the party, two adults and an immature bird, possibly one of last seasons offspring. I watched them for almost 15 minutes as they sparred and parried in what appeared to be a mix of courtship and combat. I’m not at all sure about the purpose of these antics.

The immature bird is distinguished by the dark plumage around the throat and neck.

Black-shouldered Kites, Moolort silos, 31st July 2017






7 responses to “At the silos #3

  1. What time of day? Wondereful lighting in all your silo shots

  2. Anne van Gemert

    What brilliant photos. I’m amazed each time when new photos appear how beautiful they are. I hope that you realize the pleasure you give people with your generosity. Thank you

  3. Me too. And my wife. We look forward to your blog coming in every day or so.Brightens up and day and encourages us to look more closely at our surroundings.

  4. Wow, how wonderful. So jealous of you seeing these beautiful birds. Your photography is fantastic.

  5. Katie Minderhoud

    Really stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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