At the silos #1

A tip from a reader led me to the Moolort silos last evening. I hadn’t been there for some time and was delighted to see not one, but eleven Nankeen Kestrels, using a variety of high perches from which to launch frequent forays into the surrounding landscape in search of prey. Three Black-shouldered Kites and a Black Kite capped off a nice jaunt.

Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 31st July 2017






7 responses to “At the silos #1

  1. Beautiful pics Geoff.

  2. Wow Geoff !
    They are the most breathtaking photos.
    Thank you

  3. stunning

  4. This is a wonderful site and the photos are incredibly good – many thanks!

  5. Dear Geoff

    Thank you for your wonderful web site and photos, I enjoy new page.

    I have a question about a Kookaburra nest I hope you can comment on.

    A few years ago I was staying at Gypsy Point, eastern Gippsland, where I noticed a Kookaburra attending to a nest in a hollow of a eucalypt tree about 10 meters from the ground. The opening of the hollow was long and quite narrow (3cm?) allowing the adult(s) to feed the chicks that I could see and hear by the beaks protruding from inside when the adults approached with food. It appeared the opening had been narrowed by using mud at the sides, allowing the adult to feed but preventing predator attack. Presumably the chicks or adults could break the mud opening edges of the nest opening once the chicks have fledged.

    I have looked up HANSAB and gone on line but have found no other references to this situation, please advise if you are aware of this activity?

    Regards Rick Williams


    • Hi Rick – sorry for the slow reply … your note reminded me of this observation from a few years back

      I recall making a mental note about the mud at the hollow entrance =but never did the follow up research – I’ll make some enquiries and check some references and let you know if I find anything useful. Congrats on a terrific observation! Cheers, Geoff

  6. Thanks Geoff! A lovely story as usual and I will hope that the ‘party’ will still be there on Friday🐣

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