Bit of a mystery

At the weekend I observed this Golden Whistler excavating something, at the time I presumed an insect, from inside the stem of an English Elm.

Close inspection of the image suggests it may have been something else – the object of the whistler’s interest looks like a sugary material … any ideas?

Female Golden Whistler, Wyndham Street Newstead, 28th July 2017





3 responses to “Bit of a mystery

  1. David Griffiths

    At first thought i would say maybe something like honeydew, but could be some sappy compound from under the cambian.

  2. I would say that it is a fungus growing out from under heatwave burnt bark following recent rains … Carlo, Clarke Lane

  3. In the last photo she’s flying off with some in her bill…to use as nest material perhaps? I wonder if it might be some sort of webbing associated with insect larvae or a spider or something similar living under the bark. Love these little mysteries!

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