On the cusp

We are on the cusp of a changing of the seasons.

Over the past few days I’ve observed Australian Magpies and Eastern Yellow Robins carrying nesting material … I’m sure there are some active nests already.

Meanwhile, in the bush, small insectivores are still moving about in mixed species flocks, using their collective powers to forage cooperatively in search of insects. The images below are from a small flock seen along Bruces Track in the Muckleford bush. Scarlet Robins, Weebills, a Rufous Whistler and Grey Shrike-thrush were also part of the convoy.

Buff-rumped Thornbill, Bruces Track, 27th July 2017

Grey Fantail

Striated Thornbill


4 responses to “On the cusp

  1. Julie.Sellens

    Beautiful. Thankyou

  2. As a cold frog and a person who is originally from the tropics, I welcome the news that Mother Nature is on the cusp. I look forward to warmer, sunnier days.

  3. Kate Sandiford

    A Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo was loudly and clearly telling us about the “cusp” late this morning at Strangways.

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