Dust-bathing choughs

In my bush rambles I sometimes come across scratchings similar to those shown below. As can be seen from the accompanying images they are the work of White-winged Choughs, engaged in dust bathing.

I’ve written about this activity before … and while choughs are not the only birds to exhibit this behaviour it forms a regular part of their daily rituals.

White-winged Chough dust bath, Fence Track, 24th July 2017

White-winged Choughs ‘at the bath’




One response to “Dust-bathing choughs

  1. I’ll have to look out for these! I’ve certainly seen plenty of dust bathing chickens so I should know the signs to watch for. I have only ever seen choughs up on the New England tableland, never around Sydney. They seem to be very interesting birds – according to Gisela Kaplan they spend 5 years with their parents before really reaching adulthood.

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