Little Pied Cormorant

This Little Pied Cormorant, spotted on a bush dam along Bell’s Lane Track, was very confiding … it’s not often you get such a close look at this species in this  type of habitat.

Little Pied Cormorant, Bell’s lane Track, 14th July 2017





3 responses to “Little Pied Cormorant

  1. We had a little pied cormorant on a dam but it was fiendishly difficult to approach, no matter how hard I tried to disguise myself as a log. That craning neck always looping around like an antenna.

  2. What a stunning little man! I am fearful we are seeing fewer and fewer of these creatures each year 😞

  3. As kids here in SA we always knew these birds as shags, any idea where that might have come from Geoff

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