Crimson and purple

It’s been a delight to see Purple-crowned Lorikeets in the garden over recent days. Flowering Red Ironbarks and a Lemon-scented Gum have attracted them along with their larger ‘cousins’, Musk Lorikeets.

Purple-crowned Lorikeets are much less common locally than either Musk or Little Lorikeets and they seem to have a special liking for both Lemon-scented and Spotted Gum, neither of which are locally indigenous, but are often planted in parks and gardens.

Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Wyndham Street Newstead, 1st July 2017


A pair of Crimson Rosellas enjoying the bird bath


One response to “Crimson and purple

  1. Enough Geoff! I’m moving to Wyndham Street! PCLorikeets…lovely!

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