A well-spent half hour

I observed a fascinating little incident yesterday afternoon at the Rise and Shine.

My eye was drawn initially to a Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, fossicking in a crack in the trunk of a eucalypt. A couple of times the bird fluttered quickly away before returning … a Yellow-footed Antechinus bouncing along the trunk causing it to depart. I watched the honeyeater for nearly 30 minutes as it kept returning to the same site, to probe for whatever it was after.

At first I thought it was gathering nesting material but it never left with any bark in its bill so I remain puzzled about its purpose. It didn’t seem to be catching insects so I can only surmise it was feeding on sap from a wound inside the crevice. Eventually the antechinus popped out into the late afternoon sunshine to complete an intriguing half-hour.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Rise and Shine, 30th June 2017




Yellow-footed Antechinus


4 responses to “A well-spent half hour

  1. Sue Lanchester

    Love them both, such clear photos help us to see them, beautiful
    Sue woodend
    Sent from my iPad

  2. Beaut stuff Geoff. Amazing what you can see if you keep still and just wait.

  3. You provide me with bountiful delight with every photo and every comment. Many thanks from a dedicated bird lover.

  4. Fantastic pic, thanks Geoff. You must be so patient!!!

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