A five-minute stroll

It’s extraordinary what you encounter on a short five minute stroll around our block and the neighbouring estate.


Eastern Spinebill on Grevillea #1

Southern Boobook, Wyndham Street Newstead, 12th June 2017

Male Common Bronzewing

Pied Currawong feeding on a privet

Red Wattlebird

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo plundering Gen and Geordie’s olives!

Eastern Spinebill on Grevillea #2

7 responses to “A five-minute stroll

  1. I love all your photos but today’s clutch were extra special. I do love seeing that they each have varied menu choices but the best one was the colour coordinated shot of the Eastern Spinebill. I know you can’t plan your backgrounds, but this is a beautiful photo. Thanks for your wonderful work.
    Pam Goble, Balliang

  2. Oh dear, that privet is a worry! Hoping it’s not on your place Geoff, I’m sure it won’t be but many more little privets coming after going through the currawong’s gut. 😦

  3. Patricia Prendergast

    Thank you for you interesting and beautiful photography which I enjoy every day.

  4. Carole O'Neill

    I am envious of the variety of birds surrounding you. I think the Rainbow Lorrikeets and Minors delight in chasing our little garden birds away. Thank you for the delightful display,

  5. palesnewsletter

    Another stunning set of photos Geoff which forces me to ask a question that I have been trying not to ask – how? How on earth do you manage to get such consistently sharp, brilliantly lit images? I have searched the blog but can’t find any equipment or method details. Could you put your camera down for two minutes and share sone information?

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