How many pelicans?

Spotted this impressive flock of Australian Pelicans last evening near Picnic Point … one of the largest congregations I’ve seen for some time on the lake.

What’s your count?

Australian Pelicans, Picnic Point, 31st May 2017

How many pelicans?

Is that a youngster at the front?

5 responses to “How many pelicans?

  1. Marlene Lyell

    42 for me Geoff. Lovely.

  2. Great pics Geoff. I am guessing 45.

  3. Are lots of pelicans called a congration because they wear black and white or do they tend to their flocks?

  4. two weeks ago while doing fieldwork I saw for the first-time ever a much bigger flock of pelicans flying over Berringa. A local said it was the first time in 3 years he had seen any in the area. we thought they must be flying to Burrumbeet. They largest group were flying in v formation…and a subsequent straggling group also flying in v formation.

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