Spinebills in the garden

In recent days a few adult Eastern Spinebills have been visiting the front garden attracted by the bird bath and the flowering grevilleas. It is my ambition to capture an image of a hovering spinebill sipping nectar from one of the flowers … stay tuned!

Adult Eastern Spinebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 20th May 2017




6 responses to “Spinebills in the garden

  1. Marlene Lyell

    Beaut images Geoff. It’s my ambition just to get a decent image of one!

  2. Helen Schofield

    Your photos brighten up my day! I love these little birds and unfortunately don’t see them in my own tiny garden (surrounded by other units’
    tiny gardens too). New Holland honeyeaters come to the banksias though.
    (Geelong West)

  3. carolbarker2014

    No Eastern Spinebills here yet Geoff, but I did get a visit from a Restless Flycatcher. The ‘scissor-grinder’ has made a welcome return after many years. Made my day.

  4. Each time I go through Newstead as I did this afternoon, I wonder where Geoff is now – is he at Cairn Curran, hanging around Bells Swamp, checking his backyard for birds?

  5. You’ll do it! I look forward to seeing the photos!

  6. Peter Skilbeck

    Hi Geoff.

    Your post on spine bills reminded me of our garden at Dean . We had several kunzeas in the garden and almost without fail they were used every year as nest sites. That was the pattern from when the kunzeas were about four years old till we sold the place. I told Reg. Johnson of BOC this and he commented that kunzea and leptospermum were known favourites of the spinebills. I don’t remember ever seeing nests in any of the teatrees even though there twenty or so plants of several varieties.

    Spinebills are uncommon visitors in my garden but when here have seen them feeding on correa and rosemary flowers.

    Peter Skilbeck

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