‘Buff rumps and Browns’

Two of the common species of thornbills to be found locally are the Brown Thornbill and the Buff-rumped Thornbill. Both can be fund in the same location, but they tend to utilise different habitat strata.

The Buff-rumped Thornbill generally feeds on or close to the ground while the Brown Thornbill favors the shrub layer – especially areas with Gorse Bitter-pea and Rough Wattle. Both are inquisitive and engaging little birds.

Buff-rumped Thornbill, Bruce Track, 22nd May 2017


Brown Thornbill


2 responses to “‘Buff rumps and Browns’

  1. Dear Geoff, I assume that these two creatures – with their differential on the evolutionary scale – sorted out their differences long ago so they could live and eat separately but not too far from each other. What a pity so many human beings can’t seem to manage this! As usual, the pix are beautiful and I am amused at the name “buff rumped”

  2. Beautiful shots Geoff….every one

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