Perfection revealed

Last spring I admired a female Mistletoebird building a nest in a Golden Wattle next door.

The nest was never completed, as the pair abandoned their efforts (the male is a mainly an onlooker when it comes to next construction) and apparently moved to a more favoured location nearby. Numerous times over following weeks I observed the birds visiting a copse of deciduous trees on the corner of that block – a location that has been used before by Mistletoebirds.

Alas, I never found the nest – the dense canopy and furtive behaviour of the adults making it impossible to locate the exact site. With the onset of autumn the nest is now revealed, the delicately stitched purse of cobwebs, flowers and fine plant material suspended from an outer branch.

Mistletoebird nest, Wyndham Street Newstead, 14th May 2017


2 responses to “Perfection revealed

  1. Can barely wait to see the tenants

  2. Perfection, indeed. Never seen one before.

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