Stalking the stalker

This White-faced Heron gave a beautiful cameo performance at Picnic Point on Sunday afternoon.

Observing quietly from my car, positioned strategically on the boat ramp, the heron moved along the shoreline towards me … then with lightning speed snared  a small Redfin from the shallows.

White-faced Heron, Picnic Point, 14th May 2017







5 responses to “Stalking the stalker

  1. Marlene Lyell

    Well done by both stalkers.

  2. Great sequence!

  3. Great and Beautiful Pictures. As an photographer i can understand how much important it is to make pictures creative as these pictures are lifelong memories for us. I am also a nature and wildlife photographer but not that much perfect like you. You can have a look at my work at and let me know how you find it. I would love to hear from photographer like you. Thanks in Advance

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos Geoff. My favourite is number 2. You use the phrase “with lightning speed” and the captured water splash emphasises this. It also gets my imagination going as to what is happening under the water. Cheers, Bill.

  5. This redfin is about the same size as most of the fish that i’ve caught at Picnic Point over the years!
    Probably brothers!

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