Kookaburras at home

We’ve been hosting a family of Laughing Kookaburras in the front yard at various times since Xmas.

I hadn’t realised until looking at a set of images taken earlier this week that one of the birds has an abnormally long top mandible. A little ‘googling’ suggests this may be associated with a viral disease but I’m certainly no veterinarian!

It’s been nice hearing this group calling in harmony on recent mornings.

Laughing Kookaburras, Wyndham Street Newstead, 9th May 2017.




2 responses to “Kookaburras at home

  1. We have kookaburras as well with one very friendly one who came and sat on my laptop while I was using it. There is a family of at least three and it is quite funny hearing the young ones learning to ‘laugh’.
    I once took a photo of a kookaburra and a king parrot sitting about a foot apart on a branch near our house, but unfortunately I accidentally deleted it!!

  2. My local family’s beaks change quite a lot with time since they sharpen them regularly. Hopefully your new friend will get back to having a normal beak eventually.

    Three chicks raised in a nest hole in my front yard eucalypt last season. This one is mum. I think they’ll go for a tree a couple houses up the street this year as a termite mound has developed on another eucalypt in their back yard.

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