Red, green, blue

I ventured stealthily out to the verandah yesterday afternoon … in the hope that there might be something of interest at the bird bath.

The reward was in the form of a family of Crimson Rosellas, a pair of crimson and blue adults and an immature bird with its beautiful olive-green plumage.

Immature Crimson Rosella, Wyndham Street Newstead, 7th May 2017

Adult Crimson Rosella


The immature bird again …



3 responses to “Red, green, blue

  1. We have quite a few Crimson Rosellas on our property and are seen most days feeding on the grass around our house all year. We also get visits from King Parrots, Galahs, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos, Gang Gang Cockatoos and occasionally Eastern Rosellas venture up our hill but are mainly seen lower down. They certainly bring a great splash of colour to our property.

  2. The detail and colour in your the third pic will make me appreciate anew the colouring of the immatures. I usually just dismiss them as messy looking. As always great images.

  3. Fernie Jones

    Absolutely beautiful birds, thanks

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