Down among the bitter-peas

Last year’s favourable weather, a wet winter and spring, has favoured regeneration and growth of many understory shrubs. This effect is most pronounced where there is sufficient density to withstand browsing from rabbits and wallabies. One such place is along Fence Track just to the north of Newstead as the freehold land meets the bush. There is a fabulous patch to the north of the track, replete with Gorse Bitter-pea and Bursaria – much favoured by Brown Thornbills and a host of other ‘shrub-lovers’, such as the Speckled Warbler.

Brown Thornbill, Fence Track – Muckleford State Forest, 7th May 2017




Searching for insects in Gorse Bitter-pea …

… gotcha!

2 responses to “Down among the bitter-peas

  1. Best Brown Thornbill photos I’ve ever seen Geoff, fantastic.

  2. Exquisite photos Geoff of an exquisite tiny bird. Just beautiful and such delightful and varied poses.

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