Until today …

I’d never observed a Red-capped Robin at Rotunda Park … and, until today, I’d never observed a Rose Robin locally.

The Red-capped Robin, a male, was moving in a mixed flock with a few thornbills, honeyeaters and a Golden Whistler. As I’ve seen ‘Red-caps’ just to the north in the Muckleford bush (near Fence Track) this was not entirely a surprise.

Red-capped Robin, Rotunda Park Newstead, 30th April 2017


The Rose Robin however, really stopped me in my tracks. I noticed it chasing insects in the lower foliage of in a large Yellow Box near the shelter. I watched it foraging for a few minutes and noted its habit of dropping its wings and then tumbling in a slightly erratic fashion pursuing insects. This species spends the warmer months at higher altitudes, nesting in the cool, tall forests of the Great Divide. Like the Golden Whistler and Eastern Spinebill, it disperses to the foothills during winter, with a few birds seen along the Murray Valley corridor. This one was a male, possibly immature, as the rose-washed breast was not that vibrant.

Rose Robin


7 responses to “Until today …

  1. Nearly twenty years back I came across a dead rose robin on the side of the Pyrenees Hwy just as you cross the hill from Muckleford down into Green Gully. Nice to see yours was a bit more animate!

  2. Helen Schofield

    How lovely to see these cheery little birds!

  3. Both beautiful birds . Great photos Thanks Geoff.

  4. Love these …one of my favourite robins

  5. Hope to see some when we are up for fieldwork this weekend

  6. Patrick Kavanagh

    Very interesting sightings Geoff! Would love to catch a glimpse of the little Rose Robin there. Haven’t seen our Red-capped Robins for a little while. I’m hoping that they are just lying low and haven’t been pushed out by the Scarlet Robins.

  7. carolbarker2014

    Great to see the Rose Robin back in the area Geoff! Back in the 70’s and 80’s it was a frequent Autumn visitor to my part of the Muckleford Forest and indeed to Jasper Park. I noticed a female red-capped Robin also a week or so ago at my birdbath. A sight for sore eyes indeed!

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