Slim pickings

It’s been slim pickings this week … but I did make it out to Cairn Curran for a quick look around late yesterday. This Whistling Kite, one of a pair near Picnic Point, was the highlight.

Cairn Curran Reservoir (Picnic Point), 28th April 2017

Whistling Kite




4 responses to “Slim pickings

  1. Great pics of the Kite. I love these birds – so majestic and love that whistle. They have nested here on my farm ever since (& no doubt before) I arrived. Their huge nests are amazing. They seem to prefer their nests to be in our ancient Grey Box trees.

  2. Beautiful as always – hope it wasn’t slim pickings for the kite ha ha!

  3. Sue Lanchester

    We saw out first red robin this afternoon at woodend north and this morning we had
    Eagles soaring overhead as we have had for the past few weeks they even called in
    For chicken wings. Sue woodend nth

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Where’s the rabbit?

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