Ah … the serenity!

I try to snatch a few minutes every day to sit quietly on the front verandah and enjoy the passing parade of birds. Earlier this week the selection below made visits to the bird bath as I observed from a few metres away. In the distance I could hear the plaintive calls of a Black-eared Cuckoo … no doubt heading north for the winter.

Ah … the serenity!

Crimson Rosella, Wyndham Street Newstead, 17th April 2017

Male (in eclipse) Superb Fairy-wren

White-plumed Honeyeater


Yellow Thornbill


4 responses to “Ah … the serenity!

  1. Much enjoyed photos, thank you Geoff~~

  2. Veronica groat

    Love your work!
    Straight to the pool room.

  3. Veronica groat

    Particularly liked the yellow thornbill … the feather detail amazing.

  4. Sue Lanchester

    Magic,, as were the four eagles flying over and around our property. Sometimes they
    Land and eat chicken wings that I put out. Beautiful

    Sent from my iPad

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