Enjoying the garden bounty

Silvereyes can be found locally throughout the year but numbers tend to grow in the autumn, boosted by an influx of migrating birds from Tasmania. This race of silvereyes is distinguished by having rich chestnut flanks and pale coloured throat feathers. They are a highly mobile species and I suspect we are seeing different individuals throughout the seasons.

The home garden provides a rich bounty for Silvereyes. They are especially fond of saltbush fruits, ripening olives and will readily feed on nectar from a range of flowers, including mistletoe.

Silvereye with Ruby Saltbush fruit, Wyndham Street Newstead, 16th April 2017

Silvereye feeding on mistletoe flowers in our yard


… and then to the bird bath


5 responses to “Enjoying the garden bounty

  1. Helen Schofield

    Fabulous photos!

  2. Beautiful Geoff.

  3. Gib Wettenhall

    And the info adds depth (as usual).

  4. Your photographs are outstanding! Our ‘silvereyes’ are called Cape White-eyes in South Africa, but none are as colourful as this one.

  5. Unreal photo Geoff!


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