Flame Robins have landed

Perhaps a little earlier than in recent years, a few Flame Robins have arrived in the Mia Mia.

I was surprised to see three different individuals come in to drink at a small dam along Mia Mia Track. I’d never photographed an orange-washed youngster before, so this was a highlight. The birds love this spot in the Muckleford bush, areas of open country adjacent to the more heavily wooded ridge-line provides ideal foraging habitat. I’ll look forward to seeing some adult males in coming weeks.

Flame Robin (immature male), Mia Mia Track, 15th April 2017

Flame Robin (immature)

Flame Robin (immature or female?)

3 responses to “Flame Robins have landed

  1. Hi Geoff, can you tell me wherevMia Mia track is. I would like to look for birds there and do some walking. I’m a friend of Elvyne’s and met you at your son’s workshop during the open studios.

  2. Brilliant pics Geoff, I’ve never seen an orange-washed juvie before either. Just love the beautiful reflections you have captured here!

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