Autumn eclipse

We enjoy the company of a family of Superb Fairy-wrens in our home garden – a mob of five or six that can be seen bobbing around happily most days.

At this time of the year the adult male loses its spectacular garb and moults into an eclipse plumage for a few months before regaining its full glory in late winter. The male can be distinguished by the black bill and blue tail, while the females have a chestnut bill and mask.

Superb Fairy-wren (male in eclipse plumage), Newstead, 14th April 2017





Adult female

6 responses to “Autumn eclipse

  1. Very helpful comments thanks Geoff.

  2. I am just in ecstasy with these photos,Geoff

  3. Just beautiful, thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for that Geoff. I had been wondering why I hadn’t seen many blue headed males around! As always, I learn something new from you each day.

  5. I was going to write exactly the same as Mary (see above)…many thanks Geoff

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