Further evidence…?

Every year in the recent past we’ve had Spinebills spending winter around our home (likely enjoying of the native plantings we’ve had from Frances). First it was just one bird, but last year we had quite a few, there were at least four here for a while.

After being absent over summer, the first individual turned up yesterday, and it was… a juvenile.

Juvenile Eastern Spinebill

Hope this observation contributes evidence to your theory, Geoff. And apologies for the poor photo, it was taken in low light through the front window!

3 responses to “Further evidence…?

  1. Sue Lanchester

    We have a similar little bird at woodend north, smaller than a wren. Could it be
    this little bird do you think. So far I haven’t been able to get a photo. Sue/ woodend nth

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  2. We saw a juvenile in our garden in Mckenzie Hill early in week & an adult today.

  3. Here in Chewton I do see them throughout the year, although not every day but definitely weekly. Wonder what keeps them here…

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