Red and gold

I had a brilliant hour in the bush last evening along Mia Mia Track … still air, golden light and a touch of autumn warmth made the birding sensational.

Speckled Warbler, Crested Bellbird, Buff-rumped Thornbill, Rufous Whistler, Red-capped and Scarlet Robins and Chestnut-rumped Hylacola were just some of the highlights. The webs of Golden Orb-weavers made it a task to pick my way through the bush – a moist spring has made for another good season for this magnificent spider.

Golden Orb-weaver, Mia Mia Track, 5th April 2017

Male Red-capped Robin



Female Red-capped Robin

Here’s that magnificent orb-weaver again

5 responses to “Red and gold

  1. Thanks for your great blog the pictures are gorgeous. I don’t have the opportunity to do much birding now so love to see what you are seeing. The golden orb spiders are very busy in my garden. Fascinating.

  2. Stunning photos of the Red-capped Robins. One of my all-time favourite birds.

  3. Andrew Machin

    Geoff, I’ve been fortunate to have an orb spider in my garden for just on a month now, I had no idea that a web would be maintained for so long. regards Andrew Machin


  4. Thanks for all these wonderful birds, red robins very beautiful

  5. Thanks for your descriptive comments and beautiful pictures. It is refreshing to read since I now live in New Jersey and don’t have a chance to get out into the bush.

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