My theory is …

… that the first Eastern Spinebills arriving around Newstead are almost all juveniles, products of summer breeding in the high country to our south.

The adults are not far behind – I’m expecting to see them in about a week or so. I’d be interested to know if other readers have noted a similar pattern.

Juvenile Eastern Spinebills, Rotunda Park Newstead, 3rd April 2017





9 responses to “My theory is …

  1. Interesting that the youngsters know where to go without the adults.

    • Yes, I agree Scott … like many birds they seem to have the internal compass built in from birth!
      All the best, geoff

  2. Hi Geoff,

    We had two adults in our front garden the day before yesterday..

  3. Marlene Lyell

    Great images there Geoff. I rarely get Spinebills around home.

  4. Tim Van Leeuwen

    Hi Geoff – I have had my first ever report of a Spinebill in my street in Mt Eliza. Don’t know what has changed to bring them in but my resident Little Wattlebirds, Rosellas and Rainbow Lorikeets are plentiful and looking very happy at the moment.

  5. In Binginwarri near Yarram, we have Spinebills all year round and the juvies join their parents for some time. I don’t know if they are eventually forced out of the parents area (I assume so because the population does not keep growing for long) or not.. Love your photos Geoff.

  6. I spotted my first spinebill of the season in Royal Park (Melbourne) recently and it was a juvenile as well, seemingly without any adults. I’ll keep an eye out in the next week or two for the adults arrival.

  7. Patrick Flanagan

    I noticed a young spinebill feeding in the correa just outside the window in anglesea on Tuesday morning. I didn’t know the juveniles could form the vanguard. I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned they’d returned, that they’d been away!


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