Blogging for Nature

Natural Newstead features in the Summer 2017 edition of the Victorian Landcare and Catchment Management Magazine – click here to read the article ‘Blogging for Nature’.

10 responses to “Blogging for Nature

  1. Sue Lanchester

    What is the name of the top bird please. Sue

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  2. Annmaree Smerdon. (nee McBain ex Newstead)

    Yes, it was the first bird, raptor, but which please. Got the rest, never forget them. Annmaree.

  3. Another delightful start to the day, thanks Geoff, great photos

  4. The Mistletoe bird image is a stunner, Geof. If that were mine I would retire happily. BUT don’t you..

  5. Jan Osmotherly

    I agree with Brian. Amazing photo of Mistletoe bird feeding young.. wow!
    Any chance you might add details such as Camera & lens used; shutter speed, ISO etc? But then I should just be grateful for the brilliant photos & info each day & not be greedy & ask for more!

  6. Hi Geoff, love the photos. Especially like the Mistletoe Bird and the Eastern Yellow Robin tending to the house duties!

  7. Such pleasing photos. They make my day. I look forward to the daily dose. Keep them coming please!

  8. These photos are so crystal clear; a beautiful sequence..thank you!

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