Barely a ripple

It’s raining this morning … the gentle sound of rain on the roof is unexpected but welcome. The Rainbow Lorikeets appear to have left and the Musk Lorikeets are celebrating their departure with a cacophony in the Yellow Gums behind the house. I think this might be autumn …

I couldn’t resist this sequence from yesterday at the bird bath – a female Spotted Pardalote quenching her thirst.

Female Spotted Pardalote, Wyndham Street Newstead, 18th march 2017




Male Common Bronzewing

3 responses to “Barely a ripple

  1. Great photos and enjoy that welcome rain

  2. Beautiful I love the reflections – Thank-you

  3. Delighted to have come across these wonderful photos and appreciative comments on Newstead Birdlife through an article in Landcare. Thank you, From Pam Knight, Noorat.

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