Watching waterbirds

Cairn Curran Reservoir has receded significantly over the past month, it’s now at just over 84%. This is creating some nice habitats for birds, as areas of exposed mudflat develop and provide additional foraging opportunities.

Cairn Curran Reservoir, 14th March 2017

I’m yet to see any migratory waders, such as stints and sandpipers, but expect some observations over coming weeks as small flocks stop by on their northerly journey. Nonetheless, there are other sights to enjoy – A Darter was the highlight during the week. A few pairs bred in Joyce’s creek over summer and the birds are now dispersing to spend the cooler months fishing the shallow waters of the lake.

Darter at Cairn Curran

Darter and Little Pied Cormorant

Darter in flight

White-faced Heron



2 responses to “Watching waterbirds

  1. I’m loving your bird photos and looking forward very much to the session on 1/4. I’m wondering if it is possible to get close to some of the spots you use as a member of the general public, or do you need special permission?

  2. Hi Sue – I have a list of some favourite local spots here …

    Cheers, geoff

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