Berigora sequence

Sadly, the aboriginal names for many of our native species are not well-known … the Brown Falcon Falco berigora is a notable exception.

This beautiful, if sometimes clumsy falcon, is widespread across the continent. Usually flighty, this one posed nicely for the camera … as I sat admiringly in the car!

Brown Falcon, Moolort Plains, 13th March 2017






Postscript: For more information on the origin and use of the word berigora click here

4 responses to “Berigora sequence

  1. Yes a delighful falcon, great photos as always your posts bring a smile to my face
    thanks Geoff

  2. francescincotta

    Do you mean the scientific name for the species, berigora, is the local Aboriginal word for this raptor?

  3. Chris Johnston

    Same question from me Geoff – is this the Jaara name, or from another Aboriginal language given the widespread distribution of this glorious bird? (Isn’t it interesting that we say ‘distribution’ for a species as though someone has scattered them across the land, rather than some other word which might say that other species have ‘country’ – a place in the ecosystem)

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