Colour and movement

A small bush dam in Green Gully has yielded some treasures over the past week – not pictured here are the Rainbow Bee-eaters hawking insects overhead, or the juvenile Olive-backed Oriole passing through on its northern migration.

Not to disappoint though – this Restless Flycatcher perched helpfully on stranded stick at the edge of the water, displaying its iridescent plumage in lovely shimmers. The Red-rumped Parrots arrived in two and threes, adults with this seasons young and the Welcome Swallows gathered where the flycatcher had left – resting for short moments before further aerial pursuits.


Restless Flycatcher, Green Gully, 25th February 2017






Male Red-rumped Parrot – possibly an immature


A gathering of ‘red rumps’


Welcome Swallow


Welcome Swallows and a lone Fairy Martin (with chestnut cap)

2 responses to “Colour and movement

  1. Chris Johnston

    Hi Geoff – which dam? If at Tiliqua (my block) I would love to see the other images or record your observations – have heard Oriole calling but not spotted youngsters etc. Chris

  2. I’m on to it!
    Cheers, geoff

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