Balancing act

Over the past few evenings I’ve been visiting a small dam along Pound Lane, on the outskirts of Newstead.

It’s proved to be an absolute hot spot, with a bevy of woodland birds streaming in to drink in the late afternoon – Diamond Firetail, White-browed Babbler, Sacred Kingfisher and Dusky Woodswallows have been some highlights, along with the usual honeyeaters (Yellow-tufted, White-pumed, Brown-headed and the odd Black-chinned and Fuscous).

Waterbirds have also been a pleasure to observe – an immature Rufous Night-heron, White-faced Heron and this majestic White-necked (Pacific) Heron performing a balancing act on a dead stag. Click here for some larger images.


White-necked Heron, Pound Lane Newstead, 21st February 2017







3 responses to “Balancing act

  1. You are posting some terrific shots Geoff, well done.

  2. How lucky are you seeing all these birds.

  3. Beautiful balancing act! Lovely bird

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