Two for the price of one

The bush is alive with Yellow-footed Antechinus at the moment. These tiny carnivorous marsupials have featured regularly on the blog, generally snapped while chasing birds at favourite spots such as the Mia Mia or Rise and Shine. Usually seen as singles I was fascinated to watch these two individuals apparently interacting during a visit to the Rise and Shine over the weekend.

While watching the first animal pop in and out of a ground level hollow, a second appeared and followed the first inside the hollow, only to reappear moments later and resume hunting on the woodland floor. Yellow-footed Antechinus usually mate in winter so I suspect these two are youngsters from last season embarking on a frenzied autumn of action.


Yellow-footed Antechinus, Rise and Shine, 19th February 2017











5 responses to “Two for the price of one

  1. What a great sight to witness, Geoff! They are lovely photos and I especially like 2 and 5. Lucky you to get a pair. I have only seen one the once which was at our block. We think we have picked them up on the trail cam at night but they are just a small swift white streak on the infra red. I have seen mention of several sightings around Crusoe Reservoir too this year.

  2. How cute is that? Why would anyone keep a cat?

  3. They are certainly interesting little critters, the love life they have is known
    as big bang reproduction where the go into a mating frenzy for two weeks
    with the males fighting and the females mating with several males.
    This once in a lifetime mating causes the male to have a stress induced immune system break down and die a fortnight later.
    He only lives for less than twelve months and never sees his offspring, the
    babies can have different fathers.

  4. Patrick Kavanagh

    Always a treat to see one of these, but how special to see 2 and get such beautiful shots!

  5. Beautiful images of a superb little creature. I second Bruce’s remarks.

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