Spring in February?

Last evening I was mildly surprised to find a pair of Weebills tending a nest in Rotunda Park.

It’s unusual, but not entirely unexpected to find woodlands birds breeding in late summer, especially after such a favourable spring.


Weebill in nest, Rotunda Park Newstead, 13th February b2017


Weebill above the nest site


The nest was ~ 2metres above the ground in a flowering Yellow Box


The entrance to the domed nest faces north-east

I thought this juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush also warranted a mention – it’s not long out of the nest and a bit younger than the bird featured yesterday by the Loddon River. In this species the rufous markings around the head and face diminish as they mature.


Juvenile Grey Shrike-thrush @ Rotunda Park

3 responses to “Spring in February?

  1. We had a pair take weeks to weave a nest out the front of the house in the old Cedar tree and just as it was completed a Wattle bird came along and destroyed it. I wonder if late breeding is also a way for making up for the early competition of Spring breeding?

  2. Striated Pardalotes are feeding another batch of nestlngs in the nest box under my eaves right now (Newstead)

  3. Beautiful set of captures

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