Snipe at Picnic Point

My Dad and I got some nice views of Latham’s Snipe over the weekend at Picnic Point.

What a terrific bird!

They are extremely wary and flighty – I count myself lucky to have snapped some half-decent shots of them along the shore-line and then in flight. In a few weeks they’ll be winging their way back to Japan, via a series of hopefully peaceful staging posts.


Latham’s Snipe, Picnic Point Cairn Curran, 4th February 2017









8 responses to “Snipe at Picnic Point

  1. A great number of shots of a difficult bird to capture! Well done Geoff.

  2. Love the photos of Snipe at picnic point. We used to get a few here in north woodend But now there aren’t any crops to suit them I guess as I haven’t heard them for a few Years. Sue woodend

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  3. Saw one here near Inverloch recently, we used to see them regularly before the area they frequented became a housing estate! Lovely photos of a beautiful bird.

  4. Jack Snipe as they were called used to come to Victoria in the hundreds of thousands and were a game bird for years till around the time of the French Atomic Bomb testing when the numbers dropped off drastically.
    Although their flight line was a long way from the test site I remember there were paper reports at the time that they were getting radio-active effected brains from drift high up in the atmosphere were they apparently fly.

    We had a swamp on the farm in Northern Vic, which was a great spot for them and they would come right up to the dairy feeding on the grubs in the cow manure that was washed out of the yard.

    The first birds arrived on the full moon and were the call birds and the following full moon they would call hundreds down to the swamp.

    I was away one Saturday when the call birds were in the swamp and car loads of our ethnic friends came in without permission and shot the call birds.
    They never ever came back to our swamp although the swamp condition never varied.

    Although shooting of them was stopped many ,many years ago their numbers have never increased anywhere near what they used to be.

    When they take off flying in the open with startling speed they zig and zag
    and they peep and poop.
    I not sure whether the peep made them poop or the poop makes the peep Ha, Ha.

    Their way of flying is what made them such a sort after game bird.


    • Hi Barney – thanks for the story – thankfully snipe shooting has largely ceased these days although I think the birds face huge challenges with loss of habitat and trapping in the northern hemisphere.
      Cheers, geoff

  5. Thanks for these snipe photos Geoff. I heard on Off Track (Radio National) that ten of thousands of migratory birds are dying on their flights to the northern hemisphere because their feeding grounds on the Yellow sea have been wiped out due to being ‘developed’ by China and South Korea. It’s a hidden disaster as far as the world is concerned.

  6. Really interesting bird and Picnic Point is a wonderful place to be.

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