Pelicans and terns

As anticipated, now that the Moolort wetlands have dried out some species have relocated to the expansive waters of Cairn Curran Reservoir. With the storage still at close to capacity the next few months should be a delight for birds. Earlier in the week a small group of Whiskered Terns, some showing their adult breeding plumage with others in non-breeding garb, were found seeking fish near Joyce’s Creek.


Whiskered Tern (non-breeding), Cairn Curran Reservoir, 1st February 2017










Adult Whiskered Tern in breeding plumage


Australian Pelicans



4 responses to “Pelicans and terns

  1. Helen Schofield

    Would be nice to see a film of the terns, and feel like I am flying with them! Beautiful birds. Lovely photos, Geoff. Thanks.

  2. Hi Geoff, Many thanks for your blog which I always look forward to. In this post you have photos of Whiskered Tern. I always have problems distinguishing non-breeding examples from their non-breeding White-winged relatives. In photos l and V the residual black of their caps projects below the eye, hard to explain when compared with the cap of a breeding Whiskered. Rightly or wrongly I have always thought these “ear phones” to indicate White-winged Tern. Cheers. Rob.

    • Dear Rob, great comment!

      I’ve been expecting to see WWBTerns at some stage so they are always on my radar! I went out again last night in much better light and managed to get some better shots of the terns in question – this time I definately got some WWBTs feeding with Whiskered Terns. There were some really obvious differences in size, calls and markings (esp white rump) apart from those confounding head markings that you rightly mention. Look out for tomorrows post but in the meantime would be happy to have a chat. All the best, geoff

  3. Hi !!!!! are the Whiskered Terns nesting nearby ?????
    I hear there seems to be a lot of Marsh Terns nesting around the Rushworth-Corop area

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