Circumstantial evidence

We rarely get Laughing Kookaburras in the home garden, so I was pleased to see one on a regular basis over the past week.

It might be a double-edged sword though. Take a look at the images below – there are a couple of clues that point to my concern. Notice the small tuft of feathers in the birds bill and the wet body feathers. The kookaburra was spotted perched above one of the bird baths where I suspect it was taking the opportunity to ambush small birds arriving for a drink. While I didn’t catch it in the act I’m confident about my hypothesis!


Laughing Kookaburra, Wyndham Street Newstead, 29th January 2017



Another ambush predator dropped by the day before – a male Collared Sparrowhawk. This beautiful raptor is quite common around Newstead and is largely dependent on a diet of small bush birds.


Male Collared Sparrowhawk





3 responses to “Circumstantial evidence

  1. I have a pair of Kookaburra coming to my garden looking for a hand-out since their two chicks have fledged.The male is in poor condition and has the same wet looking feathers and often
    small feathers on his beak. i put this down to grooming rather than killing small birds

  2. ok, I was wondering same, I have kookaburras here, often, and one looked raggetty wondered if it had been in a ruckus, as I have a lot of crows and wattlebirds around, who take turns in thinking they own my backyard.

  3. David Griffiths

    Yeah i agree Geoff, whenever i hear them i just know they are up to something, like raiding a nest. F.Y.I Vickie they are Ravens not crows.

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