Tiny and shiny

by Patrick Kavanagh

The Shiny Everlastings Xerochrysum viscosum in our front yard have provided a fantastic resource for invertebrates for months as well as being a wonderful setting for macrophotography. They are now letting go of their seeds and in so doing provide yet another beautiful subject for the camera. The choreography of these tiny seed carriers I find quite entrancing.


Shiny Everlasting seeds, Strangways, 17th January 2017







4 responses to “Tiny and shiny

  1. Dreamlike!

  2. Delightful, just proves you don’t have to past your front door to see a who;e world of wonderments!
    thanks Tina

  3. they are like little animals

  4. Elizabeth Walsh

    Such photographic artistry, along with the birds is amazing and uplifting therapy. Thank you.

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