Chestnut Teal

Chestnut Teal Anas castanea are more striking than Grey Teal, or at least the male is. Depending on the angle of prevailing light the head of the male can appear black to bottle-green (the true colour) while that of the female is similar but darker in hue to a female Grey Teal. The underparts of the male are a rich chestnut, with a white flank (just visible in the second image below). After breeding the males assume an eclipse plumage and look much like a dark female. In flight the overall markings are very similar to Grey Teal but the birds look generally darker. Chestnut Teal form tight pairs, but often associate with large flocks of Grey Teal and are less common in our district – it can be a challenging business to sort out who’s who!


Chestnut Teal pair (male at left), Bell’s Lane Track, 16th March 2016




Chestnut Teal in flight over Walker’s Swamp, 2nd January 2017


Maler Chestnut Teal over Walker’s Swamp


Chestnut Teal ‘pair’ with male below – the top bird is possibly a female Grey Teal


Grey Teal for comparison – note the pale neck and throat

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