It’s a plum job!

I’ve been battling for some decent images of Musk Lorikeets all summer – noisy flocks have been feeding in the Red Ironbark in the front yard, but always seemed to be high up against a bright sky. This morning the birds were feasting on a fruiting plum nest door – they were completely oblivious to my presence!


Musk Lorikeet, Wyndham Street Newstead, 5th January 2016













Natural Newstead is going on holidays for the next fortnight … see you later in January!

6 responses to “It’s a plum job!

  1. Helen Schofield

    Love photo 3 where the lorikeet is plum-pecking!
    What wonderful colouration the birds have.

  2. Elizabeth Walsh

    Thank you for sharing so many wildlife observations. A great way to learn some bird species from afar. Safe and happy holidays.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday Geoff. Thank you for your great site which so many people enjoy.

  4. Stunning looking bird, thanks for your great photography

  5. Annmaree Smerdon. (nee McBain of Newstead)

    Is the beak in photo V11 a bit short?
    Wonderful photos. Have a great holiday!

  6. Geoff! Why are they called ‘Musk’ lorikeet I seem to recall being told they emit a perfume. Is that correct?

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