Pinkies breeding

With the Moolort wetlands full over spring a number of duck species have taken the opportunity to breed. There are now lots of families of Australian Black Ducks, Grey Teal, Wood Duck and Australian Shelducks to be seen in the district.

To cap things off nicely I came across a pair of Pink-eared Ducks Malacorhynchus membranaceus with their brood at Walker’s Swamp earlier in the week. Small numbers of this distinctive small duck, notable for its spatulate bill, have been spotted over the past few months. It can gather in huge congregations when conditions are ‘right’ – the numbers of less this year than back in 2010/11 there I cam across a few flocks of between fifty and one hundred birds.


Pink-eared Duck, Walker’s Swamp, 2nd January 2017 – the pink ear spot clearly visible


There were six ducklings in total (five pictured here)


The spatulate bill is obvious even at the duckling stage


White-faced Herons have also been enjoying the swamp

One response to “Pinkies breeding

  1. My friendly white-faced herons were coming by each day until a couple weeks ago, which suggests the kiddies are now independent. (The female actually accepted food from my hand last season, but not this year sadly.)

    With mouths to feed they were brave. Being dive bombed by the kookaburras and the noisy miners was a gauntlet they had to endure for the calories. Now they can have some peace!

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