Hard to miss

Regular readers will appreciate that this blog celebrates the unusual, the ordinary and the sometimes exasperating!

Newstead residents will ‘appreciate’ the large numbers of corellas wheeling over town and along the river at this time of year. The flocks are dominated by Long-billed Corellas, but with an increasing proportion of Little Corellas, a species that has increased locally in recent years. Despite their raucous noise and sometimes unhelpful habits they are extraordinary birds.


Little Corella, Loddon River @ Newstead, 29th December 2016






Little Corella (at front) with Long-billed Corella


Long-billed Corellas


One response to “Hard to miss

  1. Barbara Johnson

    Geoff, The long billed corellas with their red eyes sort of look like a bunch of blokes heading home after a few days at the pub! Get quite a few over in Taradale .

    cheers Barb Johnson

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