Xmas butterflies

We are yet to see this summer some of the extraordinary butterflies observed during the ‘big wet’ 2010/11.

Nevertheless there have been some nice visitors to the garden. The Painted Lady Vanessa kershawi has been a feature since early spring, while a few Meadow Argus Junonia villida have appeared to feed on the Snow-in-Summer Melaleuca linariifolia in recent days.


Meadow Argus




Meadow Argus with wings fully closed


Painted Lady




Common Grass-blue

3 responses to “Xmas butterflies

  1. Lovely photos, but the ‘saltbush blue’ is the Meadow Argus with wings firmly closed. Saltbush Blues are even smaller than the Grass-blue with a chequered edging to both wings. Have you noticed how prolific the Grass-blues are this year? The rain earlier on seems to have suited them and now they’re in a hurry to mate before the hot weather really sets in.

  2. Thanks for your photos! Similar species that we saw on Xmas Day in the Geelong botanical gardens, mainly around the purple sage flowers (I think); painted ladies in the hundreds, saw one Meadow Argus, some Common Grass-Blue, cabbage whites too. Honey bees and several species of native bees, hover flies.

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