Stilt success

While the numbers of Black-winged Stilts have dropped off at Lignum Swamp, I spotted at least two juveniles during a visit there a couple of days back. The youngsters are confounding at first when seen alone, looking a little like a sandpiper. Red-kneed Dotterels have bred successfully as well which is terrific, along with the Little Grassbirds and Australian Spotted Crakes mentioned in a previous post makes this a very special place.


Juvenile Black-winged Stilt, Lignum Swamp, 23rd December 2016




Adult Black-winged Stilt






Lignum Swamp panorama

Click here for a panoramic view of Lignum Swamp.

3 responses to “Stilt success

  1. Can you tell me where Lingnum Swamp is?

  2. Could be because the stilts have been hanging out in wetlands in the Wimmera with the wet, a small flock have been on a brackish lake in Grass Flat (near Mitre) in western Vic for a couple months [😊]


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